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Physical Health

At Eldon Grove Academy, we emphasise the significance of maintaining good health and engage our children in discussions on how to achieve this. Incorporated into our curriculum timetable and personal development offerings are five crucial components of Physical Health: PE Lessons, healthy school environment, outdoor activities, health education and after-school clubs. These elements collectively lay a robust foundation for our children, fostering both an awareness of the importance of their health and avenues for enhancing their physical well-being.

5 Components to Physical Health

PE Lessons: Each child has two PE lessons per week; one indoors and one outdoors. In Key Stage 2, this can include swimming lessons at High Tunstall College of Science. The PE curriculum ensures retrieval opportunities for children to be able to develop and strengthen their own skills and game understanding, whilst focusing on team work and resilience of character.


Healthy School Environment: At Eldon Grove, we provide healthy school meals, which are available to order in advance. Children, along with their families, can order for the term ahead by exploring the many meals available on a three-week rotation. Alongside their meal, children also have access to a daily salad bar. At playtime, children have access to a healthy 'tuck shop', where items available were agreed through pupil voice, delivered by school council. Children in early years and Year 1 have access to fruit at breaktimes. We insist that any children with packed lunches, that they are healthy and nutritious. Additionally, there are multiple sanitising opportunities throughout the school day.


Outdoor Activities: Our playgrounds are a hub of physical activity, offering designated areas for a variety of games and outdoor activities. On the Key Stage 1 playground, there are multiple floor markings, a climbing frame and trim trail and designated areas for ball games. These games are facilitated by our support staff, lunchtime supervisors and our dedicated team of student Sport Leaders. On the Key Stage 2 playground, again there are multiple floor markings, a climbing frame and designated areas for ball games. There are also opportunities for further activity on the playground including archery and tri-golf. Additionally, there is music playing on both play grounds to add to the energetic and active environment and ethos. 


Health Education: Health education is integrated into the curriculum, primarily through PSHE. The progressive curriculum ensures that each year group covers the 'Healthy Me' unit simultaneously. This supports discussion and understanding around school. Through our Science curriculum, concepts of balanced diets, exercise, lifestyle and healthy eating are woven through Science to help understanding our body. Additionally, numerous 'brain-break' activities will take place throughout the school day to enhance focus, boost cognitive function, and support overall well-being.


After School Clubs: Our school places significant emphasis on after school clubs as a means of fostering our children's interests and strengths. This academic year has seen an expansion of club offerings, highlighting our commitment to providing diverse opportunities for our children. These clubs are provided by our team of dedicated and passionate teaching staff, support staff and some external providers. Our clubs include: photography, netball, arts & crafts, cookery, gardening and yoga. Clubs change half termly. 


These components drive the physical literacy throughout our school. It helps our children in developing their fundamental movement skills, fosters a love for physical activity and promotes a lifelong engagement in a healthy, active lifestyle.