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EGA's Art Intent


We want every child to have every opportunity to experience success in each Art learning episode.


At Eldon Grove Academy we believe that Art and Design is an integral part of a child’s education. It is important to inspire and nourish a child's love of art and support them in becoming creative individuals!


We intend to support all children to reach their full potential in different aspects of Art and Design. Our new art curriculum (AccessArt) will seek to inspire and challenge pupils, giving them the opportunity to focus in on and develop their use of specific tools, equipment and techniques. In turn, each child will be given the opportunity to develop and extend a range of skills around these, focusing this coming year on Drawing & Sketchbooks, Painting & Colour and Sculpture. Each unit promotes experimentation, invention and creativity. Pupils will be encouraged to express their individual interests, thoughts and ideas, supporting pupils through modelled/scaffolded learning and repeated practice.


Children will be exposed to a diverse range of artists and designers, both classical and modern. Encouraging them to develop their critical thinking skills and understanding of their own and others cultural heritages.


This coming year, we aspire to develop a natural sense of wonder and curiosity about the world around them, exploring art in all forms from sketching nature and animals, to painting the world they see. Art is messy in all forms and we believe the children need to embrace this with both hands! Sculpting with their imaginations and touching the world around them. We will be focusing on our new sketch books, encourage our children to take risks and experiment, modelling new ways of displaying their work and reflecting on their outcomes, making changes to their art pieces over time.

To view the DfE's national curriculum for Art, please click the link below:

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Art Long Term Plan

Termly Overviews (including 'End Points')