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Eldon Grove Academy choir spend 45 mins each week enjoying singing together. Our team work, creativity, talent, passion and enjoyment for singing is shared within school and the local community. Spreading the Eldon Grove smile through our singing and performance is our goal. We love to sing and bring a smile to not only our own faces, but our audience faces too.

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Children in Need

Pupils from our school choir recently participated in the BBC Children in Need event. This event included pupils from various school across the country who all sang "True Colours" for the televised broadcast on Friday 15 November 2019. 

Our children and staff had an amazing time at this event and the feedback from the Broadcast Co-ordinator for BBC North East & Cumbria was glowing - "I have done the choir several times now and I have to say your children were the politest, most enthusiastic choir I have ever worked with. They were so patient and well-behaved and were superb when they sang on BBC1". 

To view the full performance of the national choir here:

And here is the full Hartlepool performance: