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Religious Education (RE) in Eldon Grove Academy is taught as required, in agreement with the Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus, which is reviewed by the Local Authority every five years. RE has a vital role to play in combating prejudice, challenge stereotyping and encouraging respect. It plays a positive role in celebrating and understanding cultural and religious diversity across the world.

During their time at Eldon Grove Academy, our pupils will have the opportunity to visit different places of worship linked to the main religions we teach, outlined in the Agreed Local Syllabus: Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism. We also endeavour to receive visitors linked to these religions to enrich the children’s experience of RE.

Each half term we have assemblies led by local religious leaders, and regularly centre our assemblies around local charities and national themes, such as Holocaust Memorial Day.

To view our RE Policy and/or the Agreed Syllabus, please click on the links below:

RE Policy 2020-2022.pdf

Hartlepool Agreed Syllabus