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At Eldon Grove Academy, the purpose of Physical Education (P.E) is to inspire and motivate all children to be active in their lives, enabling them to be physically confident. We teach the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle as well as teaching the key fundamental skills and performance indicators. As an inclusive school, we believe that all children should have the opportunity to apply skills that they have learnt into competitive situations whether this is individually or as part of a team. As a result of this, Eldon Grove Academy pride themselves on the key values of team work, resilience and fair play all of which are promoted in an active way.

We aim to provide children with a broad experience of a range of sports and skills. The children get to learn about and participate in a range of sports/games within the curriculum. We also offer a range of extra-curricular sports and events. These activities change throughout the year and we ensure that we target after school clubs to each Key Stage so that all children have the opportunity to further develop their enjoyment and skills.

Children identified as having a natural talent or passion for a sport are selected to participate across cluster school events, whole town events and even Tees Valley competitions. This enables us to challenge even the most able athletes and helps them to make connections to develop their skills outside of school.

Eldon Grove Academy PE Kit


* Named black Shorts (no logo)
* Named white T-Shirt (no logo)*

Black pumps (clear/brown soled) (bare feet for dance and gym)

* Named drawstring bag with name on

For outdoor activities, tracksuit bottom and hoodies with the school crest are acceptable depending on weather conditions and activities. Black trainers are also allowed to be worn for outdoor sport.

Some examples of extra-curricular activities from 2017/2018 include dodgeball, football, tag rugby, multi skills, fitness, GaT leader, athletics and tennis.

In the interests of safety all items of jewellery should be removed for PE lessons. Ear studs may be left in, providing they are covered with plasters. Parents need to understand it is their responsibility to send their child to school adequately prepared for the normal school day.

Long hair should be fastened back for physical activity.

Teachers must, where possible, change their clothing for physical activity. Minimum requirement is the changing of footwear and the awareness of jewellery.

Club Links

We have links with Eldon Grove Tennis Club, Rossmere Park run and Hartlepool United Football Club. Every effort will be made to make further links with community sports clubs in relation to the sports clubs currently running in school.

To view our PE policy, please click  the link below:

PE Policy 2020-2022.pdf