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To view the DfE's national curriculum for languages, please click the link below:

At Eldon Grove Academy, we believe that the study of a Modern Foreign Language prepares a pupil to better understand and participate in a rapidly changing world. Work, study and other activities are increasingly carried out in languages other than English and so knowledge of French is a valuable asset, regardless of a child’s aspirations for the future.

Pupils are Eldon Grove Academy are taught French weekly, with lessons allowing children a wealth of opportunities to build confidence and fluency through speaking, listening, reading and writing. Lessons are planned with progression in mind and units of work build on a child’s prior knowledge of the language as they move through school.

Curriculum enhancements for French take place regularly throughout the year. Each summer, pupils across the school participate in our annual ‘French Day’. Last year, pupils had the chance to sample a variety of French cuisine, such as madeleine cakes, croissants and camembert. Afterwards, they visited Nattalingo's ‘French bus’ which contained a variety of French curiosities such as books, toys and antiques.

To view our MFL Policy for 2020-2022, please click the link below:

MFL 2020-2022.pdf