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To view the DfE's national curriculum for computing, please click the link below:

At Eldon Grove Academy we believe in equipping pupils with the skills to be able to use computational thinking and ICT skills to participate in a rapidly-changing technological world. We enable pupils to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. ICT skills are a major factor in enabling children to be confident, creative and independent learners. There are three key areas that children cover as they progress through the curriculum – Data Handling, Programming and E-Safety.

Data Handling

Data handling focuses on the functional purposes of computers and technology, such as collecting and presenting information which includes using search engines. Pupils at Eldon Grove Academy are taught how to use the internet to conduct research, record their findings and then present their information to others. Children use iPads across school to conduct data handling, with children in Key Stage 2 moving onto laptops eventually.


Also known as ‘Computer Science’, programming introduces children of all ages to the understanding of how computers and technology works and how they can be manipulated. Throughout the school, programming is taught and learnt through hands on manipulation, with children using floor robots, Lego and game designing apps. Pupils learn how to input, edit and repeat a set of instructions, allowing them to predict and control a programmable object or system.


E-safety is a key area of Computing as more and more children are accessing the internet, social media, games and other digital content. E-safety is about the safe and responsible use of technology, including recognising its advantages for collaboration and communication. Pupils are taught the fundamental skills of remaining safe online and how to recognise and manage unwanted content.


To view our Computing Policy, please click the link below:

Computing Policy 2020-2022.pdf

Now>Press>Play is an educational resource that uses sound, story and movement, to immerse children in the world of their topic. Through a series of active and stimulating lessons, Now>Press>Play captures children’s interests and helps to accelerate their learning. It widens the curriculum whilst also bringing it to life and is an engaging way to start a topic or a wonderful way to deepen learning. The children put on wireless headphones and are plunged into the world of their topic.

Eldon Grove Academy has invested in Now>Press>Play as we value experience, imagination, inclusivity and fun. Children learn best through experience and Now>Press>Play is central to our vision of giving children an education that allows them to fulfil their potential.

At the beginning of the year children took part in a trial session. They immediately engaged in using this new technology and after consultation and feedback from the children we have subscribed to this resource as they articulated the benefits of Now>Press>Play.

Pupils in Year 6

“The World War 2 experience was very interesting as you get loads of description of what was happening and it felt so realistic.”

“It was easy to picture what was happening. I liked pretending to be a soldier in the war and acting in that role.”

Pupil in Year 2

“I could imagine in my brain what was happening. It was like the room came to life.”