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We aim to keep parents up to date with everything involving their child's development at a time that is accessible by everyone.

The system we currently use at Eldon Grove Academy is called SchoolCal. This system allows notifications, messages and reminders of events and activities to be sent directly to your mobile phone or any other IT device to share news, information and updates etc. It will also send links to various documents such as newsletters, event photographs, general letters of information, trip letters etc. This is how we will be communicating and engaging with parents and once information is sent, you will have all the information to hand and this in turn, unlike paper copies which can be mislaid or lost, will alleviate the need to contact school to check details as information is stored and retained on your device. Events can be added to your phone or other IT device’s calendar so you will never forget an event or the time and details of this. If any parent/carer does not have access to a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer, there will be a few paper copies of correspondence available in the reception for collection. However, we don’t anticipate this to be many in this technological age.

In order to log onto the SchoolCal platform, all we require is a valid email address. Please contact school with your email address ( and we will then start the process for you. You will be required to sign into this facility to be able to access the information etc.

What happens next?

You will receive a link in order to activate your account, the email will be sent from All future messages will also come from this address.

How to I access my account?

Schoolcal has been designed to be accessed on any device and can be downloaded as an app

Do I need a Smartphone to use SchoolCal?

No, you can access your school newsfeed on any computer or device by visiting

Can I receive updates via email?

Yes, SchoolCal includes the ability to send news via email, which posts are sent by email is decided by the school administrator.

I don't have an email address can I still access information?

We recommend linking an email to your SchoolCal account; the advantages of this include the ability to receive personalised information about your child and the class / year group that your child is in. Email accounts can be easily set up and can be used solely for the purpose of SchoolCal popular providers of email include Google and Microsoft.

Why can't I receive text messages through SchoolCal?

Unlike many personal contracts schools still have to pay for every text message they send which could easily add up to £000's each term. SchoolCal uses data to send messages, this is similar to many platforms you might already be using (examples include Facebook, Whatsapp or iMessage).

This means schools can send unlimited messages without the cost involved and put more resources into the classroom benefiting every pupil.

What happens next?

  1. You will receive an email invite from containing your login details (if you have not yet provided an up to date email to school please contact the school office)
  2. If you have a smartphone download our app from the Google Play and Apple App stores by searching ‘SchoolCal App’
  3. Log into your account either via an app or online at and personalise your profile
  4. We will be now using SchoolCal to share news, information and updates with parents and governors.SchoolCal is a web, mobile and smartphone app based platform that will enable us to share school activities with you easily.
  5. We will be able to send messages, reminders, pictures, diary dates and documents directly to you.