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Coronavirus Update

Our Remote Education Provision can be viewed here:


Please also see Letters section for additional correspondence.

Attendance and Punctuality Policy Covid Response June 2020.pdf

Attendance and Punctuality Policy Covid Response July 2020.pdf

Behaviour Policy COVID update.pdf

Medical Conditions-First Aid Policy June 2020.pdf

Medical Conditions-First Aid Policy Addendum July 2020.pdf

Send Policy Update Covid 2020.pdf

Addendum to BEHAVIOUR POLICY.pdf

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Final Nov 2020 (1).pdf

Recent correspondence to parents/carers:

Extol Letter to Parents 4th Jan 2020 (5).docx EXTOL.pdf

Letter to Parents - Opening Spring 1 term Jan 2021 v2.doc

Letter from Head of School - update - Jan 2021.pdf

Letter to parents - end of term thank you - Dec 2020.pdf

The updated guidance can be found here: 

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Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:

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