Eldon Grove Science Investigation Day

January 3rd 2017

Eldon Grove young scientists, L-R, Owen Musgrave, eight, Grace Wood, eight, Alex Brobbel, eight, Violet Hails, seven and Aaron Hung, eight, all of Hartlepool, conduct a colourful candy chromatography experiment

BUDDING boffins have been examining the colourful world of chemistry at the launch of a scientific investigation day.

Students at Eldon Grove Academy, Hartlepool, enjoyed an afternoon of candy chromatography as part of a hands-on approach to scientific experiments as part of British Science Week.

Year 3 pupils, assisted by academy science co-ordinator Jonathan Moon, used multi-coloured sweets to demonstrate water stratification and the separation of different parts of dye used in the manufacture of confectionary.

“This is the first time that we have held a science investigation day and the emphasis is all about having fun while learning,” said Mr Moon.

“We know that our students have a real interest in science but the thing they like best is actually doing experiments themselves.

“Science is everywhere and investigation days like this, where students are exposed to perhaps more advanced practical experiments than they would normally undertake, help them to see the range of opportunities that are available within the subject.”

Students from Reception to Year 6 spent the day conducting an assortment of experiments, including watching how leaves take in water, determining how sound waves travel, planting beans to learn about germination, watching solids change to liquids, looking at how salt dissolves ice and using paper planes to monitor air resistance.

“It is so important to get pupils to engage with science from an early age and spark their enthusiasm for the subject,” added Mr Moon.

“Not only do they get to perform the experiments themselves they also get to find out about different areas of science, including medicine, engineering, aeronautics and sports, discovering famous scientists from the past and present along the way.”

Pupil Violet Hails, seven, of Hartlepool, added: “I really like science and enjoy doing experiments. I liked the way the water made all of the colours run together. It looked very pretty.”

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