At Eldon Grove Academy we aim to provide children with a broad experience of a range of sports and skills. The children get to learn about and participate in a range of sports/games within the curriculum. We also offer a range of extra-curricular sports and events. These activities change throughout the year and we ensure that we target after school clubs to each Key Stage so that all children have the opportunity to further develop their enjoyment and skills.

Some examples of extra-curricular activities include tennis, netball, basketball, golf, football, judo, athletics and cricket.

Children identified as having a natural talent or passion for a sport are selected to participate across cluster school events, whole town events and even Tees Valley competitions. This enables us to challenge even the most able athletes and helps them to make connections to develop their skills outside of school.

We also hold a variety of charity and health awareness events throughout the year. These are often well received by the children and enable pupils to work together to make a huge difference. An example would be ‘Eldon Grove’s Race For Life’; which has occurred annually for the last 2 years and has seen over 100 children run to raise over £2500 for Cancer Research UK and local charities.

EGA PE Policy

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