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To view the DfE's national curriculum for English, please click the link below:

At Eldon Grove Academy we believe that reading for pleasure should be a fundamental part of childhood and lifelong learning whatever the child’s ability, background or culture. We believe that every one of our children deserves a rich curriculum which encourages extensive reading of, and exposure to, a wide range of texts.

Listed below are our English and Reading Policies. There is also a link to our reading resource, Bugclub.

Reading Policy Nov 2019.pdf

English Policy 2020-2022.pdf

UPDATED Progression of Reading .pdf

NEW EGA Long Term Writing Overview 20 updated.pdf

To view Year 1 writing example, please click the link below:

Writing 1.jpg

We have compiled a book list, in consultation with teachers, parents and pupils. We have included texts we know our pupils will enjoy but the list is by no means exhaustive – it is merely a work in progress. It may be useful to you in selecting books for your child/children to read.

Book List

Sharon Stephenson
English Subject Leader

At Eldon Grove Academy we have built a great working relationship with Seven Stories, a National Centre for Children's books.

Seven Stories

Handwriting Policy

To view our Handwriting Policy, please click the link below:

Handwriting Policy 2020-2022.pdf

Language and Communication

At Eldon Grove Academy we value children's language and communication development. In order to promote this, we ensure all subjects taught are heavily supported with vocabulary that enhances pupils' language and confidence in speaking and listening. The Communication Faculty promotes regular SALAD Days (Speaking and Listening Activity Days) whereby a focus on the development and use of language is at the forefront of the day's events. Pupils are encouraged to speak clearly, listen carefully to others, and use the new vocabulary they have learnt. Some examples of activities pupils participate in to support this are; role play, drama, debates, P4C sessions, performances of poetry and presentations of work / projects.

Our next SALAD Day will take place during the first half of the Summer term.